Brain-Computer Integration Workshop at Neuroergonomics Conference 2021

Brain-computer Integration is a new viewpoint to study and design augmentation of human capabilities. Today, humans and computers are tightly coupled and together create unique, personalized, experiences for the user. In Neuroergonomics' past and present, the primary focus has been on adapting the technological environment for the user. With Integration, we now move towards the future, where the technological environment actively works with the user, not merely for the user. Interfacing with the user may take several forms; this workshop specifically targets bodily integration where computing hardware can physically impact the user’s body.

In this ideation workshop, 10 to 15 participants will (a) define the design space of brain-computer integration and (b) ideate future research projects with the brain as the physiological signal generator of interest. This workshop aims to expose expertise in brain-computer interfacing using EEG and fNIRS with expert designers and researchers of actuating hardware.